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Two new French projects in distribution.

LTE  continues to enable independent producers with two new French based projects in distribution. The first is a collaboration between producer Didier Boyat and singer/composer Alexandra Santander,  under their project, Sueno en la Fabrica . The album was released at the end of October. Screenshot from Spotify. It contains recordings from a project for which the duo specially composed and recorded  under the name,  Totems - Original music of the Company Quidams Show. It is essentially esoteric ambient vocal repertoire with a strong cinematic style. Links to the Totems release - Spotify iTunes Youtube - from event. The duo worked with the African artist, Dizu Plaatjies, releasing two tracks with Dizu on his last album, Ubuntu, for the Mountain Records label . We expect more repertoire in the coming year from Sueno en la Fabrica. The other project is by young funk / jazz group, Critical Quartet Experience . Their release will be available in the first week of J