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Chirkutt single double pack

Bangla Folk/rock outfit CHIRKUTT are a busy unit. They seem to be constantly on the road but thanks to their tie up with a sound studio they can also have a steady output of recordings. (c) Songwrights Publishers 2022 The next releases from them are two singles lead singer Sumi promised to get out for the end of Ramadan this year. They are BUKA BUKA and KHALASH both written and very ably sung by Sumi herself. The first track (Khalash) goes live on the 1st of May and the second on the 8th of May. Both songs are issued on the Mountain Records label. The tracks can be previewed and per-ordered on some platforms. Links to music >> Links to video >> The band's comments on Khalash -  Khalash is another magical song from the contemporary folk tale album Maati Geeti. The lyrics, melody and vocals are by the band’s only female lead, Sharmin Sultana Sumi, along with Pavel Areen at Drums and percussion, Emon Chowdhury at Guitar

Chirkutt full length album due any day now

Bangla Folk rockers, Chirkutt, have their full length album, Chirkuttnama lined-up for its international debut on the 10th of April. Sleeve of the new album Chirkuttnama (c) Songwrights Publishers The record featuring the outstanding compositional and performance talents of lead singer Sumi, has been heard only in their home country, Bangladesh until now. ‘We have never compromised when it comes to quality of our songs which is a reason why we took our time to release the albums. After the release of our last album all of us have worked really hard and finally we are ready to release our third album,’ said Sumi Nine songs of varied mood and tempo are included in the package. The release is again made possible by a deal between award winning world music label Mountain Records and Chirkutt. Speaking about the songs, Sumi said the band hopes to generate awareness among the young generation through the songs highlighting different social and environmental issues. ‘The songs address the dis