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Count the days - by Zayn Adams

In the 1980s the late Zayn Adams (Aka. Zayn Adam) had a big radio hit in South Africa (SA) with  You gotta live , a track written and produced by Tully McCully . On request from Mountain Records , Tully has agreed to re-mix the track. Sleeve art for the new track (c) Songwrights Publishers 2021 The new version of the song is even more guitar orientated than the hard driving original version. We will release it under the name, Count the days (count the nights) which is the chorus hook of the song. The release is slated for the 15th October, 2021. It will be the second new song from reworked recordings by this popular artist to be promoted this year. Links - Mountain Records

Karoonag EP celebrates 40 years of Coenie's signature song

 Digitally remastered and sounding as fresh as the day it was recorded - forty years ago! At what point does one refer to a song as a standard ? Perhaps if after 25 years it is still on the "turntables" of the radio stations?  When a song has been covered by numerous artists? Then Karoonag composed by Coenie de Villiers is a Afrikaans music standard. Reworked artwork from Coenie's debut album, Skoppensboer . It was first recorded (on analog 2-inch tape) in Cape Town by a young engineer, Kevin Shirley and produced by Paddy Lee-Thorp in Spaced Out Sound Studios.  Coenie de Villiers was also the singer and musical arranger.  The track was a bit of a sleeper hit. Not until a follow-up recording of Kring om die Maan got radio attention almost ten years after the release of Karoonag , did fans of Afrikaans music fully discover the gem hidden on his debut album.  Today Karoonag is his most requested song on streaming platforms from Canada to New Zealand, wherever South Afric