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Lewis Pragasm new releases for 2021

On the 21st May 2021 we will issue three new tracks from the South East Asian percussion supergroup Asiabeat. The band under the leadership of master drummer/percussionist Lewis Pragasm, chalked up considerable success in the 1990s and 2000s with their special brand of Jazz-Rock.  Their releases were mostly instrumental. Now Lewis has come up with a new chapter in the project. He has produced several vocal tracks to add to a forty year anniversary album due later this year. The introduction to the project will be a three track EP with two versions of a well known song from the region and a vocal version of one of the band's popular releases from Asiabeat's back catalogue. Matilda Radge (c) Songwrights Publishers Here are Lewis' comments on the new tracks - Jeritan Batin Ku A remake of an old song by the multi-faceted legendary Malaysian artist extraordinaire P.  Ramlee. It’s a very sad and touching love ballad that’s been given a 1950s type cool jazz arrangement. This song
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New EP from Tiny Magnetic Pets - Automation, with star guest re-mixers

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Third Amampondo re-issue available shortly.

African marimba stars albums re-issued. For some time the MELT label releases by Amampondo have not been available. A new three way deal between the group, the former MELT owner Robert Trunz and Mountain Records, will result in some of the back catalogue albums being made available again. Amampondo circa 1989 One of the founder members, Dizu Plaatjies has secured the approval of his former band mates to issue the classic records once again. Dizu fronted the group for ten years before leaving to start his own project,  Ibuyambo in 2000. The remaining members continued with occasional live performances but did not make any new recordings.  Drums for Tomorrow and Vuyani were re-released at the end of 2020. The next release will be the record titled, Raw and Undiluted . This is a collection of material from different albums and sessions not only by the band but also with some guest players. The release is slated for the 7th of May 2020. Watch these pages for news. (c) Mountain Records

Janie Renée - third album for world wide release

Janie Renée  is a multi-talented French Canadian artist. She plays piano, sings, composes and arranges music in several styles, though her preferences are in jazz genre. In the the past two years  Janie Renée  won several prizes for both her songs and her stage performances; she has been a regular performer in Festivals from La Nuit sur l’Étang, the Franco-Ontarian Festival to the Quebec Summer Festivals. Throughout her early career, her stage presence and her charisma have earned her the respect and admiration from her peers.  After a number of years of music life,  Janie Renée  chose to change paths and settle into a family life. Two children and successful businesses projects later, she grew nostalgic of her music career.  A poster incorporating the latest album design (c) Janie Renee Music 2021 She had continued to write, away from the limelight, creating and recreating her stories and her songs and polishing her art. As experiences came and went, Janie found herself yearning to re

Lesley Rae Dowling - I'm a Woman

Hamburg - Lesley Rae Dowling was not only popular for her moody records but she also enjoyed a following of fans of her appearances in the fantasy music videos of her songs. This release is a reworked version of the music for a clip for one off her songs directed by Terence (Tully) McCullagh in the 1980s. Visuals from her clip. (c) Songwrights 2021 Tully found the video of  I'm a Woman  in his archive recently. He had a copy of his production of the song saved on quarter inch tape. The quality was good so he transferred this to digital format and imported the files into his music production software. He then re-recorded some instruments.  After carefully touching up the overall sound and re-mixed the song. We are releasing the single under the title of  Look at me,  I'm a Woman  to differentiate from the the original version of the track released on her  Unravished Brides  album. It is stylistically similar to her debut hit,  Grips of Emotion  which was also a McCullagh composi

McCully Workshop were, Too much in Love

A new single is to be released by  McCully Workshop .  This follows the release of their album  Infinity . The track is not taken from that album though. Tully McCully from the pop clip for  Too Much in Love  (c) Songwrights Publishers The song is called  Too Much in Love  and was clearly inspired by the rock sound of the 80s. Tully is the composer. While sifting through old videos, Tully found a clip of the band doing the song. The line up was, Tully on bass and lead vocals, brother Mike McCullagh on drums, Richard Black on guitar and Henry Barenblatt on keyboards.  This new production, to be released on the 5th of March, will become the music stripe for a pepped up version of the video clip which has not been seen before. The clip looks like a retro pop video and shows the band at the height of their "pop star" phase. The group had three chart hits in the 1970s and 80s. These were  Why can't it rain ,   Buccaneer  and  Chinese Junkman.  Links - Band Website - mccullywor

Prog Rock masterpiece from seasoned artists.

McCully/Mackay , the progrock duo of veteran musicians Tully McCully (Terence McCullagh) and Gordon Mackay, have released their debut album,  The Unicorns Are Screaming . The release has ten finely crafted rock tracks. Most of the songs are Tully's though there are some which are joint compositions and two songs are Gordon's alone. All of the tracks were produced by Tully. Gordon is a keyboard specialist and does all the keyboards, while Tully does the rest of the playing and singing. Both musicians have long careers as professional musicians and this is evident in the playing on all the songs recorded. A "commercial" single is to be taken from the album. It is a re-mix of the title track and is slightly re-named as  Unicorns Are Screaming . The song will be released on the 8th of January 2021. Here is the artwork -  (c) Songwrights Publishers 2021 The single is a shortened version of the epic 7:15 minute album title track and will be listed as a radio edit.  It inclu