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End of music carrier distribution in South Africa - Press Release

 Our flagship label, Mountain Records has finally ceased sales of physical product being distributed in southern Africa. For our many different artists it is the end of a long history of selling music on physical formats in the territory. Future releases and the current catalogue will be available in digital distribution and a small quantity of CDs and LPs that are still in our Hamburg warehouse will be available in Germany, essentially on mail order. There will be some exceptions where Vinyl and possibly CD might be used on new releases as well. In 1980 a division of EMI UK, EMI South Africa (SA) took on the label through their CCP Records department, releasing the debut releases of our Cape Town based projects. These included Dave Nissen , the first artist to be on Mountain Records and the debut album of David Kramer . These were followed by amongst others, Robin Auld and Z-Astaire, Edi Niederlander, Amampondo, Robbie Jansen   - well over a hundred albums (and even more singles) by
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Jasper's Acolytes - new EP

📌 Producer Terence McCullagh's side project of analog acoustic only recordings known as Jasper's Acolytes, have their second collection of songs released on the 3rd of November 2023. The collection is titled My Name is Carnival . (c) Songwrights   Once again there are five songs, four of which are chosen from the 1970s and 80s pop/folk scene and one composition of his own (Only Rivers) in a similar style.       Links to video -      Links to music -  

String Quartets and Piano Quintet from Michael Blake

On the 16th of October 2023 Michael Blake will release his album of string quartet compositions. We will paste the press release from the label below .    

Jan Wouter re-issues Sharqi Blues album

Guitar aficionado and Quarter-tone instrument specialist Jan Wouter Oostenrijk will re-issue his Sharqi Blues album on 20th October 2023. Here are some notes and background to the release.   About Sharqi Blues  Sharq is the Arabic word for East and refers to Middle Eastern Bellydance culture, here on this album combined with Afro-American Blues and Jazz influences About Jan Wouter Oostenrijk Virtuoso guitar player Jan Wouter Oostenrijk (JWO) completed his professional Jazz guitar studies at the conservatory of Amsterdam (1995) and got an award for his contribution to the Dutch live music with Moroccan formation Railand. Past 25 years he has proven, not only with the Sharqi Blues album, but also with his other albums, to be one of the most interesting guitar players around. Technically gifted, original, with emotion and sense of adventure. In his music we’ll find energetic dance-able North African rhythms and melodic improvisations that moves from Jazz-Bebop lines to scre

McCully/Mackay second album available this week

 On the 18th of August 2023 Mountain Records will release the second album by this experienced and talented prog-rock duo. Here the press release from the band -  Prog-rock duo McCully Mackay. Pic (c) Laura McCullagh Cape Town prog-rock duo McCully/Mackay announce their second album 'Garden of the Snake' During the lockdowns of 2020 Tully McCully and Gordon Mackay first came together as McCully/Mackay, and, inspired by their shared love of experimentation and the progressive artists of the 70s and 80s, they released their powerful debut album 'The Unicorns Are Screaming'. Now they are back with the expansive follow-up, 'Garden of the Snake'. "With the first album, I felt we were discovering each other's musical styles, influences and learning musical direction from each other", says Gordon. "All of that, even though we weren't aware at the time, led to this second album" 'Garden of the Snake' not only builds upon this solid fo

Kaylo Motaung, new track - tons of experience

Kaylo Motaung is no stranger to the music biz. He is a man with a soulful voice with the passion to reach the listener's heart with every note.   Player link after release below. From being in a Gospel choir, vocal quartet and he now goes solo, t his son of jazz and gospel singer Audrey Motaung is really not a "newcomer". Kaylo has been on different sides of the business for years doing vocals with songs by other artists includin g Samy Deluxe or MC Lyte.  H aving served as music manager for Various artists and worked behind the scenes with Bahar from Monrose or Iveta Muckuchyan. The new journey can now begin.   True to the motto "everyone carries their story with them", but not everyone can hear it! Now Kaylo is ready to share his story. Be ready for his debut single "Ohne Dich" Produced by Patrick "Static" Scheffler (Vibekingz), released on Mountain Records on the 15th of August 2023. ------ German Press release - Kaylo! Ein Mann

McCully/Mackay reveal title track for their forthcoming second album

  McCully/Mackay reveal title track for their forthcoming second album Progrock duo McCully/Mackay are proud to announce The Garden of the Snake, their new single and title track for their forthcoming second album.  Darker both musically and lyrically than their previous works, the track explores themes of exploitation, manipulation and corruption inspired by familiar myths and parables as well as the modern landscape of our ever-increasingly authoritarian world. “There’s an increasing number of laws and encroachment on individuals” says Tully.  “Levels of ever-growing red tape are suffocating creativity and expression. It’s a system that benefits the wealthy and powerful, who can buy their own justice.” The band are known for their bold instrumentation and continue to push their skills with their new material. Along with the signature synth and guitar sounds, Garden of the Snake heightens the eerie atmosphere with a violin solo. "Tully was hinting at me playing some