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Cult SA album by Niki Daly

Living in the Suburbs .  We are happy to announce that this cult South African (SA) album by singer-songwriter Niki Daly will be available again from 20th November 2020. This will be the first digital release of the thirteen track collection initially released in (Orwellien) 1984 on vinyl and music cassette by WEA Records SA. The production and much of the playing on the record is by Terence (Tully) McCullagh.  Niki has been a composer since the 1970s, starting off as a staff songwriter penning pop songs for music publishers in London (UK).  An award winning children's book author and artist, he also wrote songs which were really only made for him to perform. Some of his more personal songs were released in Niki's name on LP and as 7" singles, in the 1980s. He then took a break to teach art at university and to dedicate the rest of his time to his career as an author. Several years later he approached Songwrights Publishers with a batch of songs which still had Niki's
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It's Christmas Day - Zayn Adam is Giving Love Away

Merry Christmas, oh yeah! There are a lot of Christmas songs that come out from under the covers at the end of the year. The late Zayn Adam sang one for us in the 1980s which we circulated, sort of "internally", as a greeting card to our partners. The masters lay dormant for the last 25 years but producer Terence McCullagh dug the multi-track tape out of storage, when we were looking for some Zayn recordings to remix for a Power Ballads EP. Christmas Day was one of the tracks he found. Zayn used to keep an ear open for local (South Africa based) writers for his releases. The aforementioned EP includes two such songs, scouted by him. One is this composition by Seva Diva and James Dowdles, who wrote the Christmas Day, specially for Zayn. The lead vocal track is very powerful, which is why we included it of the Ballads EP release.  McCullagh has added a lot of new production elements and made a single edit for this release. The release is now titled, Christmas Day, I

McCullagh / MacKay album announced

We are happy to announce that their album title is  The Unicorns are Screaming .  Terence (Tully) McCullagh and Gordon MacKay have come together to create a new album project of their kind of music, Progressive Rock. Terence is a multi-talented artist, with years of production and performing experience. Gordon is a classically trained keyboard player who moved into jazz and rock. The two had performed together in rock bands and when Terence decided to start work on a solo project, Gordon was the obvious choice for the keyboard sessions. As the project progressed, they realised that they should also write music together. The result is that Gordon contributed to three songs to the album, one of which is all his composition. Terence wrote seven tracks alone. McCullagh and MacKay - pics, L McCullagh and L MacKay   Some time ago, Terence sold his successful recording studio business and built a dedicated studio in his Cape Town home. There he could create in his own time. We had worked tog

Lesley Rae Dowling EP - Feat. Jonathan Butler.

So many good mixes to choose from. As the 2020 Lesley Rae Dowling (LRD) re-mix project moves onto the sixth release, we have decided we want to make the next release an EP; because we liked two very different mixes we and want to release them both. (c) 2020 Songwrights Publishers for Sea Records. This time it is the Jonathan Butler production of a somewhat overlooked track from the When the Night Comes album, called Love will be there . The new version is renamed, Love's gonna be there in the End.  Lesley wrote this song with her friend, Matt Haus. This is one of the few LRD recordings with none of her piano playing to be heard on the final release. Although she would have prepared the song with a piano guide, Jonathan simplified the main piano track and added layers of synths. Terence (Tully) McCullagh has done a major re-work of the song by taking out a lot of the keyboards and adding several guitars along with featuring Jonathan's guitar tracks more prominently in the new

First Amampondo re-issue - Drums for Tomorrow

The first re-issue of the MELT recordings of world famous marimbas ensemble, AMAMPONDO will be out on 25th of September. The award winning album was first released in 1997. It was recorded partly in Cape Town and partly in the UK. The album was recorded and mixed by Chris Lewis.  These re-issues will appear on the Mountain Records label. (c) Songwrights Publishers 2020 Links    - Spotify -

Marimba heroes Amampondo, albums for re-issue

African marimba stars albums to be re-issued For some time the MELT label releases by Amampondo have not been available. In terms of a new deal between the group, the former MELT owner, Robert Trunce and Mountain Records, some of the back catalogue albums will soon be available again. Amampondo circa 1986 (c) Songwrights Publishers One of the founder members Dizu Plaatjies, has secured the approval of his former band mates to issue the records once again. Dizu fronted the group for ten years before leaving to start his own project, Ibuyambo . The remaining members continued with occasional live performances but did not make any new recordings. We expect that at least three albums are involved in the deal as well as possibly adding some of the side projects that were issued with individual members of the band, becoming available at a later stage. Amampondo toured the world in the 1980s and 90s spearheading an African music wave that drew many imitators. Among their highlight engagements

McCullagh / MacKay - Progrock project, first single.

A taster from a forthcoming album by two seasoned artists. The first preview from the forthcoming  McCullagh / MacKay  recording project is a track called  Unicorns are Screaming . This will be released on the 30th September. (c) Songwrights Publishers, from a painting by, Laura McCullagh Terence (Tully) McCullagh and Gordon MacKay have been working for months on the new album which began as a McCullagh solo project.  Some songs had been written by Tully alone towards the end of 2019.  Gordon came into the studio to do keyboard tracks for Tully and they realised that they were really gelling on an artistic level. This first single was then re-written and now credits both MacKay and McCullagh as composers.  The song is a musical masterwork with virtuoso playing, creative musical arrangement and hi-tech recording technique. The artists top it off with some very personal lyrics.  Links to iTunes - Spotif