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Lesley Rae Dowling - New Possession

💍 As is so often the case, Lesley Rae Dowling’s lyrics are cryptic, her delivery - always full of emotion.  For us this new release rates up near the top of the many great songs that she has come up with, but it has surprisingly,  never been promoted as a single.  Her writing had matured by the time she wrote this one. The lyrics show careful attention to how they are placed in the rhythmic flow. The melodies and other musical elements display the same level of experienced compositional skill. This song was brought to Tully McCully by Lesley after the experience of her writing the songs for the  When the night comes album, which itself showed a new level of songwriting from her. Not everything they prepared was actually released. Tully and Lesley Rae Dowling (LRD) worked on numerous musical ideas together, some of these were unfinished, and have subsequently joined the remix release series. This song was one that never made it onto one of the McCully produced records. LRD  (c) P Lee-
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Jasper's Acolytes EP - Warm Analog and Acoustic sounds

🪕 Mountain Records is proud to announce a new recording venture,  Jasper's Acolytes . Album cover (c) Songwrights Publishers The project is the brainchild of producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tully McCully.  Though there will be some original songs recorded, the focus this time is on his arrangements of well known folk music and acoustic hits. His first batch are nostalgic and gentle folk songs that hark back to the acoustic era of the 1960s. Jasper's Acolytes places sharp focus on melodies, harmonies and acoustic instruments. Both instrumentation and production are kept minimal and all recordings are done with authentic analogue sound and feel.  Debut album (an EP of seven songs) ' Memory Lane ' "encapsulates and recaptures the simpler sounds of simpler times”, says Tully.  The album is a collection of faithful covers of nostalgic classics like debut single ' The Green Leaves of Summer ' as well as the haunting original composition and second

Jasper's Acolytes new single

The nostalgic folk project Jasper's Acolytes, announces new single ' Water Through Our Hands '.  A heartfelt and melancholy track, it is an original composition by TC McCullagh, taken from the forthcoming album  'Memory Lane' to be issued shortly by the producers. The release date for the single is the 7th of November 2022.  Single artwork (cv) Songwrights Publishers The music video, like the track it accompanies, is gentle and bittersweet, a wistful reflection on the nature of time, the fragility of memories and the joy and sadness they bring.  Watch here: v=9KdaPFH9R9I Music link:

Jasper’s Acolytes debut single

New production venture Jasper's Acolytes is a nostalgic folk project that harks back to the acoustic folk music of the 1960s. The focus is on melodies, harmonies and acoustic instruments with minimal production and a warm analogue sound. The project aims to recapture the simpler sounds of simpler times with covers of classic songs as well as moving original compositions. Debut single sleeve (c) Songwrights Publishers. The first song, a cover of the folk classic Green Leaves of Summer, will be released on the 7th of October 2022. Lyric video >> v=CEc_h4vbEZc Music link -

McCully/Mackay return to their prog roots with new single "The Elixir of Life"

Cape Town  duo McCully/Mackay's varied output to date includes everything from heartfelt, anthemic rock to quirky synth-pop, but progressive music was always the foundation upon which Tully McCully and Gordon Mackay built this project. The band's latest single 'The Elixir of Life' is an expansive and haunting ballad and a return to the 70s progressive sound in a surprisingly literal way. The song was written by Tully in 1969 when he was 16 years old and despite featuring occasionally in the live repertoires of his various bands since then, it has never been recorded or fully realised until now. Artwork Laura McCullagh (c) 2022 "I was very inspired by Emerson, Lake and Palmer" says Tully "and I had a very specific idea for the kind of keyboard parts I wanted on the song. Nobody was ever able to play those kind of parts though, until I met Gordon. That's when I knew it was finally time to record it. I sent him the track without any keys or any instructi

Mystery Lesley Rae Dowling Single - a stunningly clear and emotional performance

🕵🏻‍♂️ Almost all Lesley Rae Dowling (LRD) songs are lyrically a mystery. But a mix-up on the digital release of her  Split album resulted in another mystery. Three of her songs seemed to have gone missing. The delivery of a new production helped clear up the case. Tully McCully (McCullagh), long time producer of the singer-songwriter, while going through his archive, stumbled upon fragments of some of the early recordings he had made with the diva. Previously, in 2020 he got his hands on the multitrack tape of half of her When the night comes album and he did remixes of four songs. In 2021 he found some of her studio demos and created two new productions with them. None of them were the missing tracks. Single cover (c) Songwrights Publishers This year he worked with some out takes of a song that was recorded around the time of her self titled debut album but only made it onto her Split album some years later. A version of the song appeared to be one of the missing works from the cat

The Adams Legacy - Collaboration tribute single

🕺🏽 The son of the late Cape Town superstar balladeer Zayn Adam, is Danyaal Adams. He has put together a sound recording tribute to his dad, featuring many regional artists who knew, worked with and respected the artistry of his father. The result is a kind of We are the World style anthem written specially for the project by Zahir Samsodien and produced by Taurik Blignaut, titled You're not a lone .  It took him over a year to get all the artists on board and to complete the production to his satisfaction. The single sleeve, (c) Songwrights Publishers  The release, issued under the artist name  The Adams Legacy , is slated for the 2nd of September 2022. It is hoped that it will help promote a tribute concert he is planning in their home city for 22rd October 2022. The show date was changed from this weekend due to building operations at the venue. Performing on the recording are Glenn Robertson, Madeegah Anders, Nuraan Boltman, Nur Abrahams, Fagri Isaacs, Cole Adams, Azra Adams