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Some Good News for Crocodile Harris fans

Terence McCullagh (aka Tully McCully) created a best selling pop artist in the form of balladeer, Crocodile Harris in 1973, when with brother Mike, he wrote and produced,  Miss Eva Goodnight.   They organised for it to be released on the Parlophone label. The song became a top ten hit spending twelve weeks in the South Africa (SA) charts in the following year.  Some years later he took "Croc" (as Tully refers to the late Robin Graham, who passed away in 2015) back into his new Spaced Out Sounds Studio in Cape Town and recorded,  Give me the good news .  It is an anti-war anthem, an elaborate production with real string section and clever musical arrangement by Tully himself.  Crocodile Harris new EP (c) Songwrights Publishers The song was written by Graham and Geoff Coxall and released by Warner Brothers - WEA in Johannesburg, where their A&R chief, Benjy Mudie took the project under his wing and turned it into a local hit. This was at the end of 1982. Tully had made a sh