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First release of 2023 for Bangladeshi stars

💕 Dhaka based folk-rock stars, Chirkutt have revealed their first few new songs for release this year.  They will begin with   Yamon kyano koro  a  contemporary romantic melody. The lyrics, tune and lead vocals are by none other than Sharmin Sultana Sumi, the founder and torchbearer of Chirkutt.  "The song is inspired by a real couple and tells the story of their sweet and sour relationship and unconditional love, where the girl is little impulsive and the boy is a calm, tolerant and considerate person. This is a song for the real lovers, who love with heavenly honesty and devotion, without any self-interest and forgery. It’s a ballad of gratitude and gratefulness to those lovers who love wholeheartedly and stay till the end whatever the circumstances are,” says the band's promotional statement. Lookout for it from the 21st of February.  Music Link - After release.