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McCully Workshop announce new single "All the Gingerbread Men"

A new single is all set for release on the Mountain Records label. Here is the press release from the band. ------ McCully Workshop - Tully and Mike McCully, Rupert Mellor, Richard Black and Gordon Mackay - are excited to announce their new single ‘ All the Gingerbread Men’ . The track is a classic McCully Workshop rock song, featuring energetic guitars, rich melodic layering and a powerful chorus. Lyrically it draws from fantasy imagery and tells the story of a king in a castle, a wizard and an enchanted army of blood-thirsty gingerbread men. “The song came to me in a dream, and when I woke up all I could remember was the line 'all the gingerbread men in the water’” says Tully (lead vocals and bass). “For me it felt allegorical about people who are rich and famous being envied by those who are not. So it became this sort of dark fairy tale about jealousy and revenge.” There is some moral ambiguity though, and it’s not entirely clear who is right or wrong. “For me the

Press release - Niki Daly

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