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Michael Blake - Compositions compilation

On the 30th of June 2024 we will be making available a pretty varied compilation of composer, Michael Blake's works under the title The Silence of Patterns.   Here is the press release from his label.   (c) Songwrights Publishers                         Release Michael Blake – The Silence of Patterns (CD MBED 003) This album provides an overview of some of Michael Blake’s most popular works from the 1980s onward, mostly in live recordings. Several pieces have been used in films – notably Gautango from the 2006 cellphone movie SMS Sugar Man.  Many of the pieces are from the composer’s African Journal, started in the 1970s and written for piano, percussion, guitar, string quartet, and other ensembles.  These pieces draw on, or are influenced by, mbira or thumb piano music, one string uhadi bow music, kora, panpipe and xylophone music from several parts of Africa. The final track on the album, is provided by Rural Arias,