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Lesley Rae Dowling, has so much love to share.

The final release in this 2020 remix series is to be  So much Love to Share.  This is a  song with v ery personal yet ambiguous text and a clever musical structure. The track is a good example of the writing and performance talent of the artist at a creative the high point in her career. The production highlights Lesley Rae Dowling's wonderful vocal abilities. It is a rare LRD release that has no piano playing by Lesley.  (c) Songwrights Publishers 2020, for Sea Records  She worked with guitarist Jonathan Butler on the album When the Night Comes , in 1985. It was a dream team of young talent. Butler had just signed an international record deal and agreed to produce an album for Lesley, shortly before he emigrated to the UK. The abundantly talented, Kevin Shirley was the sound engineer. Their brief from me was to work on new material that Lesley had written and give it a more soul/R&B music feel. The arrangements were made more jazzy and Jonathan himself co-wrote a couple of the

McCullagh doing a solo project.

One of South Africa's (SA) best known Rock Music artists, Terence McCullagh is working on his first solo album. McCullagh, better known as Tully McCully, has headed up  McCully Workshop, for over thirty years. The band have had multiple hits, including the SA pop music standard, The Buccaneer . Tully is the bass player and lead vocalist for the group. They released their last album, Infinity,  one of many, as recently as October last year. Tully McCully on the right, with McCully Workshop circa 1983. (c) Songwrights Publishers McCullagh is also known for his record production activities, with hits by Lesley Rae Dowling , Crocodile Harris , Zayn Adam and others to his credit. His Spaced Out Sounds Studios, where he was resident for most of his professional career, turned out dozens, perhaps hundreds, of award winning TV and radio commercials. In all that time he never made a solo record of his own music, as a solo act. During the last part of the production of the Inf

Tiny Magnetic Pets Third EP

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Tiny Magnetic Pets : The Politburo Disko EP Focus Track: Blitzed Release: The Politburo Disko EP Release date: 21st July 2020 For fans of: Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Blondie, The Killers, Chvrches. From Dublin, TINY MAGNETIC PETS are now bringing their blend of New Wave-infused Germanic Synthpop to all streaming platforms. Like the rest of the world, TMP’s 2020 plans have been placed on lockdown. TMP have been busy updating their their back catalogue on streaming services with the release of their first 2 EPs ‘Stalingrad’ & ‘The NATO Alphabet’ both making their streaming debut last month. July will see the release of ‘The Politburo Disko’ EP on all streaming services with ‘Blitzed’ as the single. Rather appropriately for the current world climate, the song deals with boredom, loss of control and the downsides of social media where by it’s very nature dupes us into thinking that everyone else is having a better life than us. It is however del

Blitzed - Tiny Magnetic Pets - Single

Life as an aspirant recording artist can be a tough! Dublin based New Wave rockers Tiny Magnetic Pets , have a new single. The track is  Blitzed .  The struggle to survive in the music biz is reflected in lyrics like -  Everyone you know is better off than you. Makes you want to run and hide. Nothing happens around here So I take pictures with my phone So much communication still, I'd rather be alone Saw you blitzed at the album launch Face down on the floor Smile for the CCTV camera The catchy melody and production are set against autobiographical and socially aware lyrics. This makes for a weighty release in the usually lightweight pop music scene. Release due on all platforms (stream and download) on the 10th of July 2020.  Link to preview  -  iTunes Link to the band's website -   Web Pages

Zayn Adam - Power Ballad Remixes - A Birthday Reminder

Zayn was not just a good singer, he had a great voice. He is remembered with this EP, which has been in the pipeline for over a year now. It reminds us of just what a great vocal stylist he was. Terence (Tully) McCullagh sent me a remix of a Zayn duet with Terri Lynn in February 2019. He had recorded the song with Zayn in the 1980s. We subsequently issued the track, I won't cry , as a single in April 2019. The sleeve of the EP (c) Mountain Records Zayn used to keep a ear open for local (South Africa based) writers for his releases. This EP includes two such songs, scouted by him. Cape based, Martin Wolf wrote I won't cry  for Zayn. The updates and improvement in sound on the first remix were a real surprise for me.  We agreed to select a handful of ballads that Tully had produced and he would remix these with contemporary sounds and some new instrumentation. The result is a five track EP titled - Power Ballads . This will go live on the late Zayn Adam's birth