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Robin Auld with Z-Astaire, 40 years on

  On the 4th of April 2024 we reissue Robin Auld's debut album for Mountain Records. Titled Z-Astaire, the name that was subsequently taken on by his backing band. (c) Songwrights Publishers             First issued in 1984 this mini-album contained only songs written by Auld and the album established him as a pop songwriter in his home country of South Africa (SA). Recorded in Cape Town by producer Kevin Shirley, Z-Astaire was the first album to feature the line-up of Robin Auld on lead vocals and guitar, Murray Anderson on keyboards, Michael Bush on drums and Robert Hack on bass.    The band went on to have multiple top ten hits produced by Shirley for Mountain Records in mid eighties South Africa.  The first album has a variety of influences, from the west coast rock of "Going Down" and "Baby you been good", to the art rock sound of "Violent stairs" and  "Cleaning up my act"  which became a live staple. The latter will be the pl