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Robin Auld single remix

From the archives there is a new single from Robin Auld & Z-Astaire. A Remixed and Remastered and Pepped up version of a track from his Ocean Motion album originally billed as Leon, now Oh Leon .  (c) Songwrights Publishers   It is scheduled, for release on 16th July 2024 through Mountain Records. Here a press release from the artist. Written by Robin in 1980 as a comment on the apartheid policies of the Nationalist party governing South Africa, "Leon" first appeared on Auld's debut album "At the corner" and was played by maverick radio presenter Chris Prior.  After the formation of the band Z-Astaire,  the song was re-visited for the bands 2nd album "Ocean Motion". Produced by Kevin Shirley and released by independent Cape Town label Mountain Records, the album produced several top ten hits including the enduring No 1 radio hit "All of woman".  Now the song, with some mix and master updates, will be re-released digitally as "Oh Leon

Jan Wouter - Maghreb Jazz re-issued

 The album Maghreb Jazz Guitar by guitar specialist Jan Wouter Oostenrijk will be re-issued on the 26th of July 2024. Here is the release text from the artist management. (c) Songwrights Publishers Re-release of the album Maghreb Jazz Guitar (2006), that won a RadioIndy golden artist award in the USA in 2008  The album can be seen as one of first in the development of the Maghreb Jazz music style. Extraordinarily gifted, classically trained Dutch guitarist Jan Wouter Oostenrijk has put together an interesting band of North African musicians to create a group that’s able to navigate the crosscurrents between guitar-led jazz and Moroccan Maghreb music.    The more openly energetic moments on the album come on the original numbers, such as the spidery Weather Report-like fusion of “I Blaed I Musiqya” (inspired, according to the liner notes, by a Sudanese dalib rhythm), or the jumpy traditional Moroccan sounding “Barud,” where the band’s indigenous rhythms provide a propulsive fou