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Great sounding Indie Rock Releases

In the last nine months or so the Tin Can Discs label has facilitated the release of rock albums by Cape Town rockers, Falling Mirror and McCully Workshop . Both records are released through LTE Distribution as digital only offerings. (c) Spotify - All nine tracks are available for streaming and download.(on iTunes) The first of the two to go out was the final album by Falling Mirror. Guitarist, Allan Faull actually passed away in the studio during the recording and the project went on ice until producer Tully McCully decided that despite the setback, the record should be released. He called in singer and composer, Nielen Mirror (Nielen Marais) and finished the tracks that he could. Although only nine tracks made it to the final release stage, they are perhaps the most cohesive collection that the band have recorded in their thirty odd year career. Though more associated with the electric guitar, Allan features on acoustic guitar on many of the songs. The album was preceded

Two traditional African projects in distribution.

In the last quarter we have made two interesting African projects available on all digital platforms for the respective producers. The first is the debut album, titled  Songs of Greetings, Healing and Heritage , by Mantombi Matotiyana. A novel occurrence is the fact that this is her solo recording debut, for a lady of over eighty years of age. She has recorded before on the albums of Dizu Plaatjies and his group Amampondo, as well as performed with them, but not as a solo performer. The album was produced by Prof. Mike Blake in conjunction with the Stellenbosch University Music Dept. on the AOI Edition label. Matotiyana with her Umrhube. (c) Aryan Kaganof 201 8 Mantombi Matotiyana is a master bow player having learned the uhadi (sometimes known as the long woman's bow), the umrhube (the mouth bow of her tribe, the Xhosa people) and the isitolotolo (the jaw's or jews mouth harp), from her forbears. She also learned the traditional songs as