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First Single from McCully Workshop Album

The McCully Workshop album, I nfinity  was released at the end of last year and now the first single, post album release, has been chosen from the tracks, and it will be issued this week. The track is a Tully McCully composition called Tainted . It is best described as a Moody Blues inspired, rock ballad. Tully also does the lead vocals. There were two songs issued that pre-date the album release. LP versions of these are on the new album. (c) iTunes (no music preview until release date). Tainted is a dreamy fantasy, sparsely produced, with lead vocal set against a bluesy electric guitar. It is unlike most of the songs for which the band are known. Perhaps their debut single,  Why can't it Rain (charted 17/7/70),   is the closest comparison. The music in our heads was tainted, played by the few, we lost the life we knew. Link to track -  Tainted single. Press release  - Tin Can Discs - 4/3/20