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McCully Workshop announce new single "Beginnings"

McCully Workshop - Tully and Mike McCully, Rupert Mellor, Richard Black and Gordon Mackay - are excited to announce their new single 'Beginnings'.  Visual fro the new video clip (c) Songwrights Publishers The track is the first new release from the iconic band since their 2019 album ‘Infinity’. Since then, guitarist Richard Black has relocated to the UK, making 'Beginnings' the first time the band has created music completely remotely.  "Though we're not able to play live together anymore, we still chat all the time and all agreed it would be nice to do a new project involving everybody", says Tully (lead vocals and bass). The song recalls the band's iconic hit 'Buccaneer' and was conceived as an ode to the band's heritage as well as humanity's love for and creation of music over the millennia. "There is music in everyone. Some let out, some keep it in, but it's always been there" says Mike (drums and backing vocals), to w

ZAYN ADAM Sings a song of peace  

Here is producer Peter Richardson's press release for the new Zayn Adam, single. To sweeten up the final master Peter arranged and recorded the strings onto the recording and it was ready to go. Links to music after release >> >