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Jan Wouter re-ssues - Open up your Eyes - album

Mountain Records will Open up your eyes on the 8th of March  2024. Here a short press release - This is Jan Wouter's first solo album, a creative adventure where the road to a new style of his music unfolds. It is a beautiful atmospheric guitar album with influences of North African Rai music and western pop music and jazz.   (c) Songwrights Publishers The album was developed in the late 90's, Jan Wouter not only played guitar, sung and composed the songs, he also did the programming and production on one of the first old Atari computers with midi and Cubase music software.    About Jan Wouter Oostenrijk He is a virtuoso guitar player. Jan Wouter Oostenrijk (JWO) completed his professional Jazz guitar studies at the conservatory of Amsterdam (1995) and got an award for his contribution to the Dutch live music with Moroccan formation Railand.    Over the past 25 years he has proven, not only with the Sharqi Blues album, but also with his other albums, to be one of