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Lesley Rae Dowling - Make my Move

From the basement tapes of Terence (Tully) McCullagh's Spaced Out Sound Studios comes another production featuring a song performed and composed by Lesley Rae Dowling . This is the third re-make following his work on the video soundtrack of the song I'm a Woman and the demo of Dressing for the Boys . The latter was also a track from the studio archive. (c) Songwrights Publishers 2022 The new version of track, never before heard outside the studio, is Make my Move . Like the two previous singles this is a masterly creative and technical accomplishment from her longtime producer.  Tully was responsible for this hugely talented singer-songwriter's hits, Spaniard and Grips of Emotion . He also remixed the recording of Innocent Child giving Lesley a streaming hit in 2021. The track will be released on digital platforms on the 3rd of March 2022. Links -

Janie Renée - Brazil inspired album

A new album by Janie Renée, INESPERADO Janie Renée is a franco-Ontarian singer-songwriter, a master of words and syncopated melodies. She is one of those unclassifiable artists. She is now presenting her fourth album, an opus filled with Brazilian roots music and beautiful poetic lyrics. INESPERADO is the name of this new album. It’s the result of numerous collaborations with Brazilian artists, between the typical rhythms and sounds of Brazil and the poetic and imaginative pen of Janie Renée. Eleven original pieces, with majestic acoustic orchestrations and traditional instruments (cavaquinho, bandolim, pandeiro, surdo, viola 7-cordas and all the rest) compose this luminous album, full of hope and sweetness. Recorded between Rio de Janeiro and Canada, it features arrangements by Brazilian cavaquinhist Jayme Vignoli and the measured, penetrating and splendid musical performances of many musicians, each a master of their art. After accompanying her father through a long illness and afte

Namakwaland revisited by Coenie de Villiers with Steve Newman

From Coenie de Villiers' debut album Skoppensboer, we have taken the track Namakwaland as the next re-master and re-issue. (c) Songwrights Publishers The song features Coenie in his distinctive almost European classical piano style, fingers running over the keyboard, counterpointed against a choice of Khoi sounding names spun into the Afrikaans lyrics. One can almost imagine the daisies dancing in the wind, in a panorama of vivid colours.  Also featured on the track is a young Steve Newman on classical guitar. Steve has gone on to have a distinguished career as a guitarist and composer in his own right. The two came together as stable mates on the Mountain Records label. We have re-mastered the track mostly for digital listeners who these days hear their music on ear pod headphones. The track will be available on the 12th of February 2022 on all the major digital platforms for both streaming and download. Link >> Mountain Records