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Jasper's Acolytes EP - Warm Analog and Acoustic sounds

🪕 Mountain Records is proud to announce a new recording venture,  Jasper's Acolytes . Album cover (c) Songwrights Publishers The project is the brainchild of producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tully McCully.  Though there will be some original songs recorded, the focus this time is on his arrangements of well known folk music and acoustic hits. His first batch are nostalgic and gentle folk songs that hark back to the acoustic era of the 1960s. Jasper's Acolytes places sharp focus on melodies, harmonies and acoustic instruments. Both instrumentation and production are kept minimal and all recordings are done with authentic analogue sound and feel.  Debut album (an EP of seven songs) ' Memory Lane ' "encapsulates and recaptures the simpler sounds of simpler times”, says Tully.  The album is a collection of faithful covers of nostalgic classics like debut single ' The Green Leaves of Summer ' as well as the haunting original composition and second