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Nomfusi to release a new single.

  Born in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Nomfusi started out her career as an artist when she moved to Cape Town and had success with her backing band, The Lucky Charms.  She will release a new single on the 25th of June. The track titled - Iqaqa - is composed by her and is a tongue in cheek shot at love relationships with men. The lyrics translated say that a skunk does not smell himself. The artist has released two albums to date. Here is the press release from Delicious Tunes who are label partners with Mountain Records on this release in Southern Africa . South African singer songwriter Nomfusi releases her single “IQAQA” on June 25th 2021 -  A danceable Afro fusion sound with Afro pop vibes Johannesburg, South Africa - 1th June 2021  — IQAQA, the first single from Nomfusi’s forthcoming album which will be released later in August 2021, is a song about a love relationship. The Xhosa idiom “Iqaqa aliziva kunuka” means “the skunk does not smell itself” which refers to the

Louis Trudel Jazz Fusion guitar moods

A little surprise and breath of fresh air is delivered by Canadian composer and jazz guitarist, Louis Trudel . His new instrumental release, a mixture of Jazz, Blues and Rock songs, will be available from the 18th June 2021. The record is released on the - Les disques MME label. Here are their French and English press releases. -   Available as text on request to - Links - iTunes - Spotify - Artist page link -