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Cape Zeebra - part 2

 In the early 1980s the Cape Town based songwriters Louis Ribeiro and Brian Sepel were a pretty active team. They wrote songs together, they also performed live and in the studio together. Both artists have since passed away. The last album they did together under the band name Zeebra was a little surprise for the local music industry. Actually it was also their only full length album. Titled Uncertain Age  it won a SARIE Award (the South African Grammy of the day) for the best rock album recorded in 1983, to the envy of many of the old hands in the game then. Cover art by Pat Humphreys (c) Songwrights Publishers  As the duo Beanstalk they released two singles on the Mountain Records label. Louis was not only a writer, he was a powerful ballad singer. This talent is very clearly illustrated on the Uncertain Age album. They recruited Phil Smiedt on bass, Savy Grande on Drums, Gary Horn on saxophone and one or two guests and booked into Jerry Barnard's B&S Studios. Murray Stew

Falling Mirror single - honours the passing of their drummer, Patrick Humphreys

Falling Mirror to release "Time – The Thief" In honour of the recent passing of iconic drummer Patrick Humphreys, Falling Mirror producer Tully McCully has released 'Time - The thief', a remix of the band’s classic track 'Time (is a Thief) ". "This is the first track we recorded as Falling Mirror" says Tully, "from Zen Boulders released in 1979. For the remix we've given the drums a lift and used modern technology to clean up the mix". Sleeve art L McCullagh (c) Songwrights Publishers The song is described by Tully as "Nielen [Mirror]'s take on the elasticity of time and the changeability of human nature. I've always thought it was one of his best vocal performances". The lyrics gain new poignancy in the light of the recent and tragic loss of Patrick, which comes nearly a decade after the sudden loss of fellow founding member and renowned guitarist Allan Faull, who provides the track's iconic guitars, a timeless s

Amandine and Rosalie - new release EP

The two favorite Franco-Ontarian heroines, Amandine and Rosalie, are proposing new songs for the little ones. "J'aime ma francophonie" and "C'est là où j'irais" take a tour of the French-Canadian and Francophone heritage accross the world. Now, the duo, which is already almost in its tenth year of existence, wants to share its music beyond its borders. And the idea of an EP was born. Amandine and Rosalie are back with new adventures : with their friends, they will discover the multiple facets of the French heritage both in Canada and accross the world. And they won't need passports! All they have to do is take a little trip within their school class to discover the flavours and cultures of the world and learn more about the melody of the French accents that make up their great and beautiful country: Canada! Originally, Les Aventures d'Amandine et Rosalie was a children's television series created by Nathalie Nadon and aired on BellFibe in 201