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New Amampondo remix - Sibuyele 915

Producer and engineer Murray Anderson was asked by our label to remix a third Amampondo track. We chose a song from their early recordings that at the time of the original release was something of a ground breaking trance tune.  The latest is remix of Sibuyele 915 from their live album, Feel the Pulse of Africa . Murray remixed two other songs by the group which were released in 2019 - when one could still get out to a club. As with the previous mixes he has taken the approach of keeping the energy level high with concentration on the drums.  (c) Songwrights Publishers 2022 The composition of song was credited to the late Amampondo drummer, Michael Ludonga . As with all the group's early works the whole band had a hand in finishing the work for the stage. Listed as Sibuyele 915 (Murray Anderson Mixes) , the release is on an EP titled Amampondo - Dance, containing the studio master of Sibuyele 915, as well as pumped up master (credited - Electro Tiger Master) of the new mix, and

LTE to distribute Chirkutt (চিরকুট) band from Bangladesh

 Bangla Folk/Rock heroes, Chirkutt (চিরকুট) who are fronted by the very talented singer and songwriter, Sumi have reached a deal with Hamburg based music and media distributer LTE Distribution, to distribute their current and back catalogue albums. Silky voiced singer, Sumi (c) Songwrights Publishers The first releases will be the singles Sumi composed for a project she created around her visit to the Womex expo in Portugal last year. These will be followed by the band's EP titled Udhao, slated for its first international release on the 25th of March 2022. Chirkutt are a household name in their home country having started 20 years ago when the members were studying at university in Dhaka.  Watch this page for more details. First release here >>> Second release here >>>   Udhao >>>> The releases so far are made available on the award winning world music label, Mountain Records  

Chirkutt - Lisbon to Dhaka

Inspired from the singer and songwriter, Sharmin Sultana Sumi's recent tour to Europe and WOMEX 2021, Chirkutt, the global music band from Bangladesh has launched a four single recording project. These series of songs represents the stories of compassion, love, faith and excitement that Sumi herself experienced during the trip. Part of the artwork prepared for the sleeve image. (c) Songwrights Publishers The second of the four singles has the theme of what she loved about the city and the people of Portugal. As she wonders through the streets, exploring the culture and the scenic beauty of one of the oldest cities of Europe, Lisbon, she hums the words for this song and wishes it to be a "Chirkutt" (a short letter) to the people living there. The song can be ordered on the iTunes Store >>> LINK after release The band has launched the single with a Music Video to go along with the recording that was released on YouTube through their own channel, Chirkutt Official.