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Is it an Ism ? Niki Daly, cult songwriter and artist.

Niki Daly is a refugee from the 60s. A hippy and a real artist. Best known for being an international award winning children's book author, he is also a songwriter of off the wall love songs. (c) Niki Daly  He spent time in the 1970s in the UK, where he was signed to a music publisher, writing songs for the pop stars of the time. On his return to South Africa (SA) he went back to his art and writing, but occasionally ventured out to the music studio to record his own compositions. Insiders will recall the the quirky track, Is it an Ism or is it Art. The work produced and recorded by Terence (Tully) McCullagh in 1983, is now a classic of SA Pop Music. Here a music link  -  Ism or Art ? Video -  Niki clip ---------- 2/7/20 There is one Niki Daly album in our catalogue LINK HERE -  WHITEY

TMP - Second EP available for streaming this week.

EP two on the way. Following on the release of the Stalingrad EP, the Tiny Magnetic Pets (TMP) offer their second EP for streaming on the 6th of June 2020. The record is the five track package - THE NATO ALPHABET, from 2016. Until now fans could not stream the tracks on this release which was issued as a CD initially. Collectors can still get the physical product issued on the Vitamin C label, at the band's Bandcamp page. Preview here -  iTunes Press release for Stalingrad EP - Stream TMP