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Janie Renee single series

RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT - The Franco-Ontarian singer, Janie Renee, pays homage to her roots, through releasing a series of singles in advance of the forthcoming world wide release of an album in 2020. So far she has issued five singles. The songs are specially arranged and performed by Janie Renee. She selected the repertoire from songs that represent a part of eastern Canada's French culturally influenced songwriting, that are staples from her youth. Janie is the arranger, producer and singer. Interestingly, each song has a charming stop motion style clip to accompany it, that is directed by the artist herself. Here a links to the clips - Coulson PM La Tension Tu me manques Viens Nous Voir Seul an Centre Ville Janie has used her jazz quartet to record all the tracks thus keeping a musical continuity for the forthcoming record. Here music links to the releases to date - Le Tension Seul an Centre-Ville Tu me manques Viens Nous Voir Coulson PM Link t