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Revolver Wolf - Falling Mirror track remixed

 Terence McCullagh (Tully McCully), who has produced all the  Falling Mirror  albums, has remixed the  Revolver Wolf, a track taken off their  Hystorical  album.  Provisional artwork for single. (c) Songwrights Publishers Falling Mirror  were a somewhat off the wall, one might say cult rock band from Cape Town, South Africa (SA), fronted by singer and co-author of their songs, Nielen Mirror (Marais). The group were mostly a studio outfit that included Nielen's songwriting partner, Allan Faull and drummer, Pat Humphreys, though they did perform live on a few occasions. Tully has beefed up the guitars to make the song into a solid rocker, quite different to the original production. Naturally he has featured guitar player Allan Faull. Allan's solo is a highlight of the new production. The new mix is a little longer than the original.  The single is slated for a 1st of October release. Links -

Township Singer/Songwriter Nomfusi, has a new album.

With THE RED STOEP Nomfusi returns to her South African(SA) roots and presents a mature side of her musical journey. Driven by the deep desire to tell her personal story of growing up in her mother’s tiny shack in the township of KwaZakhele. (c) Delicious Tunes The album takes listeners on a walk through her childhood memories — everyday stories of life influenced by her mother’s spirituality as a “Sangoma” (a traditional healer), and the harsh reality of single-motherhood in the Eastern Cape Province (SA). Social injustices and violence against women are important issues for Nomfusi, and she explores them in stark detail on songs like “Nomanhamle.” Through her musical activism, Nomfusi aims to raise global awareness for better protection of vulnerable communities.   Musically, the album speaks through melodic Maskandi guitars combined, big brass arrangements and groovy South African township rhythms. The colorful array of genres on the album include soulful ballads, gospel, and severa

40 years of Asiabeat - new album to celebrate

Lewis Pragasm, master drummer, percussionist and leader of the popular South East Asian jazz-rock group Asiabeat, has been working for some time on a release to commemorate the 40 years since the group first hit the stage. He has re-recorded some of the old favourites and he has included a couple of new songs not recorded by him before. The album titled AKAR, meaning "roots", will be available on the 9th September 2021 on all digital platforms. He has also a limited edition CD for hard core fans. Here are his comments on the new recordings of the 10 songs -  Where To Run This one is a groove-laced tune featuring saxophone, guitars and light vocals sharing the melodic duties. The is also a RAP featured in the intro of the song, just for 8 bars..not too much. It’s got a bit of the ‘Ol Skool’ type vibe, kinda 70s but leans more toward funk. The title is kind of tongue-in-cheek hint at the current state of the Corvid 19 pandemic, got nowhere to run so just be positive, deal with