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Jazz Funk Merchants or Boy Band?

When I was given a pre-release copy of the music at a jazz expo last year, I was not quite sure that the work of four good looking French boys was going to be my bag. Funny how we have programmed ourselves to expect certain images for serious jazz artists. The photo accompanying the music was not what I thought a jazz quartet would look like.

(c) Critical Quartet Experience 2019

Well how wrong could I be? Four young French jazz musicians who can really play, compose and look good. It's funk, jazz and fusion, sometimes with a retro feel, but these guys rock!

Their debut release, titled Mental Distortion, is out tomorrow on all digital platforms. There are 6 tracks on the digital package. All original. I have a feeling we are going to hear more from these guys.

Some links for your entertainment -

The band is called, Critical Quartet Experience and the digital release will be marketed on the Hamburg based, Sea Records label.



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