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Janie Renée - third album for world wide release

Janie Renée is a multi-talented French Canadian artist. She plays piano, sings, composes and arranges music in several styles, though her preferences are in jazz genre.

In the the past two years Janie Renée won several prizes for both her songs and her stage performances; she has been a regular performer in Festivals from La Nuit sur l’Étang, the Franco-Ontarian Festival to the Quebec Summer Festivals.

Throughout her early career, her stage presence and her charisma have earned her the respect and admiration from her peers. 

After a number of years of music life, Janie Renée chose to change paths and settle into a family life. Two children and successful businesses projects later, she grew nostalgic of her music career. 

A poster incorporating the latest album design (c) Janie Renee Music 2021

She had continued to write, away from the limelight, creating and recreating her stories and her songs and polishing her art. As experiences came and went, Janie found herself yearning to return to her deep-rooted passion - music. 

Her most recent project is jesuisUFO is her third solo album.  Janie Renée goes back to the roots of francophone Ontario’s songwriting history.  She has created a masterpiece, half-way between nostalgia and jazz, with crafted orchestrations, and her favourite partners in crime: Magella Cormier, Jean-François Martel and Louis Trudel.  Together, they have created a little jewel.  

In 2019 she begun a series of five single track releases with special packaging visuals and charming video clips to accompany the music. 

jesuisUFO, the album, is the heart of francophone Ontario, and will be issued world wide in full length as a digital album on 23 April 2021.

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Release - LTE Distribution.


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