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Lesley Rae Dowling - New Possession


As is so often the case, Lesley Rae Dowling’s lyrics are cryptic, her delivery - always full of emotion.

 For us this new release rates up near the top of the many great songs that she has come up with, but it has surprisingly,  never been promoted as a single. 

Her writing had matured by the time she wrote this one. The lyrics show careful attention to how they are placed in the rhythmic flow. The melodies and other musical elements display the same level of experienced compositional skill. This song was brought to Tully McCully by Lesley after the experience of her writing the songs for the When the night comes album, which itself showed a new level of songwriting from her.

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Not everything they prepared was actually released. Tully and Lesley Rae Dowling (LRD) worked on numerous musical ideas together, some of these were unfinished, and have subsequently joined the remix release series. This song was one that never made it onto one of the McCully produced records.

When she first played Tully this song she called it Possession. She recorded it at least twice for other producers but it was not until Tully turned his hand to it a few months ago that it became a proper pop song, in our opinion. He re-titled it New Possession to differentiate it from previous versions though it remains credited to LRD as composer. 

His production has a kind of ABBA 80's pop ballad feel to it on this occasion. Tully knows how to highlight the hooks and most of all where to place the voices in the mix and he does so always having achieved an amazing vocal sound. This production is a lesson in those essential production skills.

When we started the whole LRD re-mix project it was his intention to, “Update and make them better, there is no point in rehashing a track that is already right”, he told us. For this reason some of his releases with Lesley were never included in the remix program commenced in 2000.

For the basics tracks of this song Lesley went into the studio with Tully some time after finishing the fourth album, and laid down a lead vocal, piano and some harmonies to a click track and then didn’t take it further. We are delighted that he agreed to finish the production.

Not only is the production spot on but Tully’s bass playing is very sensitive and makes the track swing gently. For this reason we have credited him with a featured artist credit on the release.

Slated for a 2nd of February 2023 release on the Mountain Records label.

Lyric video >>

Music link >>

Issued by Mountain Records, Hamburg


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