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Jan Wouter re-issues Sharqi Blues album

Guitar aficionado and Quarter-tone instrument specialist Jan Wouter Oostenrijk will re-issue his Sharqi Blues album on 20th October 2023. Here are some notes and background to the release.


About Sharqi Blues 

Sharq is the Arabic word for East and refers to Middle Eastern Bellydance culture, here on this album combined with Afro-American Blues and Jazz influences

About Jan Wouter Oostenrijk

Virtuoso guitar player Jan Wouter Oostenrijk (JWO) completed his professional Jazz guitar studies at the conservatory of Amsterdam (1995) and got an award for his contribution to the Dutch live music with Moroccan formation Railand. Past 25 years he has proven, not only with the Sharqi Blues album, but also with his other albums, to be one of the most interesting guitar players around. Technically gifted, original, with emotion and sense of adventure. In his music we’ll find energetic dance-able North African rhythms and melodic improvisations that moves from Jazz-Bebop lines to screaming Blues and Rock to Oriental ‘Maqam’ like playing. Without doubt one of most exciting recent jazz crossovers!
On this album a great contribution by Karim Ziad who was invited to play the drums (Joe Zawinul, Cheb Khaled).  The album is dedicated to the Arab spring

Media quotes

Europe is a source of new crossovers in jazz and world music. An inspiring example is the new album Sharqi Blues by Dutch guitar player Jan Wouter Oostenrijk (All About Jazz - USA)

Extraordinarily gifted, classically trained Dutch guitarist has put together an interesting band of North African musicians to create a group that's able to navigate the crosscurrents between guitar-led jazz and Moroccan music. (Global Rhythm magazine)

Howling electric guitar, rhythm section, hamond organ facing twinkling qanun and a flamboyant Egyptian String Orchestra creates Horny Funky Belly-dance in a post modern line-up with constantly changing soundscapes (Volkskrant 4 stars****)

Links to music >

This reissue is a co-operation project between Mountain Records and JWO Records



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